Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning:

Make your brand stand out from competitors with a good brand positioning strategy.

Brand positioning refers to how a brand is different from its competitors and where, or how, it lies in the minds of customers.

A strategy for positioning the brand involves creating brand associations in the minds of customers so they can perceive the brand in a specific way.

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What makes brand positioning important?

Brand positioning enables a business to stand out from its competitors. This differentiation leads to an increase in brand awareness, communicate the value and justify the prices, all of which have an impact on the net result.

However, all brand positioning strategies are not identical or have different objectives. Depending on your product, your department and your business, your positioning and your verbiage will vary. Here are some shared positioning strategies that can help you get started.

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Different brand positioning strategies that DigitalIthub put in place:

We position the product by features and benefits:

A product can be positioned on two or more attributes concurrently. Price/quality attributes are considered in product positioning.

We position the product based on price/quality:

An alternative way of using price/quality characteristics for positioning is to emphasize the quality or value provided by the brand at a very competitive price. Although price is a significant factor, the quality of the product must be comparable or even better than, competitive brands to make the positioning strategy efficient.

We position by use or application:

Another way is to communicate a particular picture or the position of a brand to associate it with a specific use or application.

We position by product class:

In many cases, competition for a particular product comes from outside the product category.

We position by product user:

Position a product by matching it to a specific user or user group is still a different approach.

We position by our competitor:

Competitors can be as significant in positioning the strategy as a company's own products or services. In today's market, an effective positioning strategy for a product or brand can be tailored to specific competitors.

We position by cultural symbols:

It's another positioning strategy where cultural symbols are used to differentiate brands.

A strong brand makes a big difference when you enter or compete in a marketplace. We create a one-of-a-kind brand positioning strategy, getting (and keeping) your target audience’s attention and succeeds in developing your brand.Contact us for more information.