Analytics Management

Analytics Management:

Digital marketing analytics is the heart of the company and promotes your brand presence online.

Digital marketing analysis is significant for the customers who require a sustainable website. They want a trusted website that can manage their online shopping experience.

Analytics both tell you that what you’re doing isn’t working. And it gives you hints about why, so you can do it differently.

Digital Analytics in the Marketing Context refers to the tools used to analyze and report on marketing data collected through the digital channels on which your brand is present. They may include social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin. They may also include your posting or search advertisements, email, affiliate marketing websites, or many others.

With Digital Marketing Analytics, you can:

Understand who your customers are most susceptible to be able to target them more significantly.
Retain customers
Enhance the lifetime value of the customer.
Fine-tuning social media strategies.
Build proactive relationships with customers.
Handling data as a strategic asset.
Deliver the right message at the right moment.

Why does your business require marketing analysis tools?

The marketing analysis tools will capture and monitor the following data about your marketing campaigns:

  • Data on web visitors.
  • Data on customer
  • touchpoints and
  • events.
  • Performance of paid
  • campaigns.
  • Purchase details of the client.
    Email marketing details.

Digital IT Hub uses marketing analysis tools to identify and understand the customer journey and this implies building a complete marketing strategy around what you learn.

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Competitive landscape analysis

monitoring how competitors attract, convert and retain customers.

Customer Behavior Analysis

determine the what, where, when, how and for how long your customers' online behaviour.

Performance Analytics

Your brand's performance on critical websites such as Instagram and Google. Key performance indicators such as sales, income, average order value, etc.

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics in marketing looks ahead to the next step for your customer. Just get the right message.

DigitaItHub Marketing Analytics leads the teams involved in determining the effectiveness of an organization’s marketing campaign. Our goal is to identify key performance indicators, collect and analyze data, and report on the success of the campaign.