10 digital marketing trends that should not be overlooked in 2022.

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Digital Marketing TrendsBefore 2020, artificial intelligence, data-driven marketing, and Voice Search Engine Optimization (VSEO) were ambitious concepts on the verge of ridiculousness. These emerging digital marketing trends are now high on the agenda for most business owners in 2021. After all, if your company intends to stay competitive in today’s online landscape, you need to adapt to the rapid evolution of digital marketing.

1) Optimization is driven by AI.

AI can analyze consumer behaviour and research models and use data from social media platforms and blogs to help companies understand how clients find their products and services.

Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming an engine for numerous services, including content creation. Google understands what people are looking for and what type of content is most appropriate to their intentions.

2) Programmatic advertisement.Programmatic advertising means using artificial intelligence to automate the buying of adverts so that you can target more specific audiences. Real-time auctions, for example, are a type of programmatic advertisement purchase. This automation is much better and faster, Which means bigger conversions and lower customer acquisition costs.

3) Chatbots

Chatbots will continue to play a major role in digital marketing in 2021. This AI-based technology uses instant messaging to engage with your customers or site visitors in real-time, 24*7.

4) Personalization

If you want to make a difference in 2021, you must personalize your marketing– and it means customized content, products, emails, and more.

Consider these personalization stats:

  • A lot of consumers are very unhappy with the outbreaks of generic advertising.
  • Some say they are more likely to do business with a company if it provides customized and engaging experiences.

5) Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the major marketing trends today.

Here are many ways to get more engagement in your video marketing. You can publish a video or launch a live feed on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. A great thing about video marketing is that it makes it easy to reformat your content.

6) Influencer Marketing

Influence marketing is one form of word-of-mouth marketing that emphasizes the use of key leaders to amplify your brand message to a broader marketplace. Influencers may be well-known celebrities, but most often they are Instagram or YouTube personalities with an enormous niche, which may help spread the word about your business or product through their social channels.

7) Social Messaging Apps

Statistics show how popular social messaging applications are and that people spend more time texting each other. It makes sense to market your business’s products and services where your prospective customers are.

Social messaging applications may be very useful in sending messages to clients directly because they enable customization and add value to the user experience. Moreover, people expect businesses to be present in messaging apps, as it is a direct and easy way to interact with them.

8) Voice Search & Smart Speakers

Voice search plays an important part in providing all the relevant information that people seek through audio content. AI is becoming smarter and the number of mistakes made by voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google has dropped considerably.

9) Interactive Content

As for instant access, this brings us to one of the fastest-growing digital marketing trends in the recent past: interactive content.

In 2021, we are expected to see a change of traditional content based on text to dynamic, appealing content that provides users with an immersive experience.

For example:

Quizzes and surveys.

Augmented reality advertisements.

360-degree videos

Interactive content is more appealing, memorable, and more likely to deliver the results your business needs.

10) Augmented Reality (AR) & Immersive Technologies

As virtual reality (VR) makes a lot of noise and excites everyone with great science fiction ideas. AR is far more attainable from a marketing point of view.

Brands are making increasing use of this technology to improve the consumer experience and increase sales. With the rapid improvement of AR, we will see an enormous adoption in brands to find useful applications for technology in the future.