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Video production:

Promote your brand/offer across digital channels through video marketing.

Video marketing can be a major component of your digital marketing strategy, give your company a face and a voice and provide high SEO value for your website. Embedding the video on a landing page may increase the conversion by 80%, It has been demonstrated that including a video in an email increases click-through rates from 200% to 300%.

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Benefits of Video production that can help your company.

Get your website more traffic
Generate social media shares
Rank your website in search engines.
Increase awareness of your company.
Convert website visitors to customers.
Return on your investment as profits.
Maintain your business in a technology-driven world.
Explain the business mission better than other platforms.
Build a strong desire for a call to action.
Be fun and creative.

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We have experience in creating any kind of video content, used in video marketing strategies, including:

Product Demo:

Detailed videos which explain the USP, features and benefits of the products. It is designed to present utility customers after the bid has been purchased.


The interview involves asking a knowledgeable leader about a particular topic and posting their video online.


Testimonials are videos of successful and/or well-known clients, expressing their appreciation and good experience with the enterprise. This helps to boost confidence among potential buyers.

Event videos:

These videos capture the highlights of an event and are usually part of the event's marketing strategy.

Explanatory videos:

Explanatory videos are typically used to respond to FAQs, related to the offer.

Types of video content we use:

  • Vlog:

    Vlogs or video blogs are video versions of regular blogs. Utilizing vlogs, a company runs its marketing strategies using videos.

  • Webinar:

    Webinars or live webinars. Online video conferencing is where the host uses an Internet connection to connect to the audience of viewers and listeners around the world and discuss a specific topic.

  • Presentations and conferences:

    These include the posting of recorded videos of presentations and conferences organized, delivered, followed or attended by someone related to the company. Such speeches (such as Tedx) are in great demand for video content on the Internet.

  • Tutorials:

    Tutorials are extensive videos to teach customers the subtleties of the offer or other business offers is affiliated with.

  • Reviews:

    These are reviews on products or services displayed by influencers and opinion leaders. Which results in a change in viewer decisions.

  • Behind the scenes:

    Many businesses often publish videos that help them build a closer relationship with customers experiencing what they don't usually see in advertising or TV.

  • Live Videos:

    Live videos are videos related to the brand or offers that are broadcast live either to showcase something significant or to interact with customers directly.

Digital IT Hub will get to know your B2B company to develop a winning strategy that will capture the attention of qualified potential customers. We’ll consider factors such as where people spend time online, what they need, how familiar they are with your brand, and more. All of this will enable us to create a video that will effectively attract new customers to learn more.

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