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Ecommerce Social Media Advertising:

Social media and e-commerce are a game of paradise.

Discover how to communicate with consumers and offer customized shopping experiences. Deliver seamless digital experiences and transactions at each point of contact.

A social media advertising plan for an e-commerce portal is a set of social media tactics that you can use to promote your e-commerce company.

E-commerce marketing on social media is about leveraging social media networks to engage with prospective customers and ultimately increase website traffic and sales. 

Online businesses make connections through social media with users becoming more and more dependent on social networks and mobile devices to consume web content.

Social media is a strong tool for e-commerce websites. The ability to not just refer buyers to a new product or an attractive arrangement, It’s about interacting with them is incredibly helpful.

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Key Business Benefits of Social media, e-commerce Advertising:

  • Steady increase in audience.

    Each day, thousands of new users join the social networks worldwide. One of the biggest considerations for any company is how to reach and sell to their target audience.

  • Top ranking in search engines.

    Social media engagement is about more than direct transactions. It has been proven that social media commerce drives traffic to your website that will ultimately influence your ranking on search engine results.

  • Genuine engagement and traffic.

    Engagement is a key benefit of social media, eCommerce and achieves that businesses can get every time they share content. When you appear in the updates of a follower on a regular basis, you participate in a powerful branding opportunity.

  • Customer Loyalty and Engagement:

    Making the most of this opportunity to interact with prospects a business can establish and maintain relationships that enhance trust and loyalty. This in turn creates customers who are happy/satisfied with your service, who will probably continue to be customers who make recurring purchases.

  • Business Metrics from Social media

    Social media commerce allows for easy measurement and assessment of performance. Facebook pages, corporate Instagram accounts and tweets on Twitter include integrated measures for impressions, commitments and reach.

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According to your business model and objectives, Digital IT Hub’s strategy can focus on

stimulating a destination for electronic commerce
movement to a website or branding application
marketing products directly on social media;
contact clients before and after the purchase
Gather information about your industry ie; your audience, competitors and benchmarks for success.

Successful social media marketing strategies by Digital It Hub:

We tell, we do not sell:

Share useful information and build trust hence it pipelines all marketing efforts on social media. However, ongoing interaction with social media content ultimately leads the consumer to buy products. When establishing relationships, brands must engage in multiple activities, such as:
•Interact with your followers.
•Be involved in groups.
•Organize live conversations, and more.

Establish relationships with influencers.

Influencers who have a strong online follow-up can go a long way by giving a great push to the brand. This is true not only when it comes to reaching a broader audience, but also when it comes to building trust.

Create trust and authority through your Blog.

A blog is a digital asset that not only helps SEO but also makes it easier to share thought leadership and compelling social media content. It also provides a platform to launch new products and services and can redirect a lot of traffic to your website.

Promotional Offers

Discount and gift campaigns can be a successful social media marketing strategy in e-commerce. We integrate surveys into your publications to not only amplify engagement, but also provide you with a deep understanding of your audience's thinking process and behaviour.

Creation of a video strategy for YouTube.

YouTube is the third busiest site in the world. This is an excellent add-on to social media marketing for e-commerce platforms.

Display of social proof.

Customer feedback is a great way to establish social proof, which in turn helps to convert new consumers. Many of these reviews, we make sure they will be applied to social media. Organizing user-generated content is another excellent strategy to generate social proof from users and we do that.

Consistency is the key.

Social media strategy for eCommerce business successful only by being consistent. It not only increases your reach but contributes to public engagement as well. Establishing a posting schedule can greatly contribute to ensuring consistency.

By working with Digital IT Hub, for e-commerce marketing on social networks, your business doesn’t need to worry about anything, be it on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. Our experienced team of social media specialists, Content makers along with graphical designs, manages everything when it comes to social media management.

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