Social Media Design

Social Media Design

Captivate your customer attention at the very first look.
Delight your potential customers with stunning social media designs.

Draw your users’ attention with a dazzling design to social media posts, tweets, texts and messages with Digital iTHub and boost the brand’s reputation.

Did you know that 90 per cent of the content transmitted to the brain is visual and lives on long-term memory?

Our brains are designed for visual intelligence.
Digital it hub designs great graphics services coupled with social media marketing strategies to make your brand memorable.

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What do you need to know about social media design?

Now, social networks have become an important part of brand recognition. The popularity of social media platforms has exploded over the past decade with billions of users having their accounts on at least 4 of the 10 best social media platforms.

Social media design involves the creation of excellent visual content used in digital marketing. Which is used exclusively on social media platforms such as Facebook profiles, messages, Twitter backgrounds, or graphics for timeline messages and blogs.

Understanding how social media design helps companies and brands:

Social media is primarily used to promote and advertise. Social media design is not only about beautifying it is more than just appearances. It can assist in informing, educating or convincing your target audience and convert them into sales. It combines photography, illustration, motion graphics to create attractive designs that can capture the attention of viewers, convert them into sales and open new business avenues.

Social media decreases business spending.

As we know traditional media are incredibly expensive, whereas social media is an alternative option that will not let you spend the business funds unnecessarily due to its low entry cost and beneficial features.

Business, can increase its global reach without the high cost.

Traditional media are typically used to reach a global audience, but they can be very costly and time-consuming. With social media, you may have a worldwide reach in a moment because social media allows you to customize your content to reach not only the mainstream market but specific market segments as well.

Social media strengthens your customer relationships.

Social media is used to engage customers and networks in your industry in real-time. You can get feedback, test insights, manage Customer services and lead social media marketing campaigns on the same platform.

Social media is quite measurable.

Social media is one of these tools that can give you statistics on your business that are instantly measurable, unlike traditional media which must be monitored over a long period.

Build the foundation for branding strategy:

The aim is to create logos that the target audience can associate with the company’s corporate image. The design of a logo, which the consumer can easily identify and associate with the goals of a brand, contributes to the planning and implementation of the brand strategy.


The majority of people are visually guided by beauty. People are always drawn to the beauty and think that what looks good is good. It is very important to draw the attention of consumers and have them think in a positive way about the products and the brand.

Better user experience.

Designed graphics or images can easily convey information or message subtly; It enhances the user experience because the viewer does not have to spend time reading much information.

Advantages of social media design for businesses?

Social media design offers many benefits to companies when used effectively. It can help boost your marketing and ad blitz with the assistance of effective visual communication.

Builds more brand recognition.
Builds brand awareness
Capture the user's attention.
creates a professional image

Digital It hubs offer professional designing services:

We create a good design to convey what your brand represents.

Good informative designs promote engagement:

A good design has a better chance of being recalled and also if users relate to the picture they may eventually share it. So good designs are worth more effort!

Appealing graphic design.

Engaging graphic design in social media marketing creates a very positive image and enhances brand recognition.

Social media designs are not only used to advertise business products but can also be used to convey the culture, values, and vision of the business. Good design can speak to the values of your brand.

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