Marketing Reporting and Data Analysis

Market Research and Audience Insights

The appropriate marketing strategy for your business that wants to generate leads and revenue needs. This will help in their pursuit of profits.

The marketing report is a dataset created to analyze the performance of a particular campaign or marketing effort. It is used to efficiently communicate a business marketing strategy.

DigitalItHub’s market research allows you not only to save hours but to add credibility to your work.

Why are marketing reports significant?

Enables businesses to gather data from multiple sources and access marketing information from a single gateway, Avoid manual labor and mitigate the risk of human error in your marketing reporting process.
Data insights to help you develop targeted and effective marketing activities.
Using modern digital marketing reports to track the performance of your strategies. You will understand which activities have succeeded and which have failed.
Using a modern report, you can justify your spending and define your budgets based on historical trends and data from prior periods.
Marketing reports will allow you to view all of this in real-time and use it to create the best global strategies for your company according to the needs of each market.
Marketing Reporting and Data Analysis services

Best Practices of Market Research Reports for your business.

Schedule your marketing reports.
Validate internal research and obtain input from your audience.
Get a global marketplace view and create marketing report templates.
Use objective information to make informed decisions.
Build credibility and reputation.

Digital ItHub’s approach towards marketing reporting and data analysis:

Blog Traffic And Blog Leads Report

Monitoring the weekly growth of blog traffic will show you how it actually takes off.

Website traffic and leads per channel.

Determine which referral channel is gainful, organic, social and increase the performance of your strategies to increase the traffic coming from it. Having an interactive reporting tool for determining your performance weekly may reduce the time required to consider further action or simply decide what the next step will be.

Online Advertising Performance:

When you select the most appropriate online advertising model for your business, you can also pay via CPM or CPA. Everything depends on the platform you want to announce, the size of your marketing budget and the objectives you expect.

Some of the Key Performance Indicators we track daily:

Website traffic:

Tracking website traffic can help identify a sudden increase or decrease., lets to act straight away, and encourages us to reach out to the sales team, whose number of qualified leads and leads will likely be impacted as well.

Engagement On Social Media:

Engagements of social media stories and posts we can get a full overview of how the various social media channels behave and we can use them most effectively.

Sales Target & Growth:

It's important to recognize that to ensure stable growth and sustainable revenue, we will set realistic sales targets that fit your business reality.

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