Lead Generation and Nurturing

Lead Generation and Nurturing

Does your business face the greatest challenge of not having qualified leads and the challenge of turning lead into real customers? Or are you good at keeping a small number of loyal customers, but would you like to reach more people for a broader pool of customers and more sales? Lead Generation and Nurturing come as your saviour.

Lead generation, the process of finding new prospective customers for a company. Likewise, by taking prospective purchasers and turning them into real customers, a process called lead maintenance.

Lead generation is the digital marketing process that boosts interest in your product or service to turn that interest into sales.

The benefits of lead generation are:

Generate awareness
Focus on the desired clients.
Gathers information on potential clients.
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Lead Generation Strategies:

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a powerful inbound marketing tool to help in generating leads.

Social Media Marketing

This tactic useful for your company's social media to help you build your brand and engage with prospects.

Content marketing

valuable content that your business puts on its blog, website, or social media channels to engage your target audience

Email Marketing

Email marketing is exactly what you think it is – from emails to potential customers. but its more than a mail

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is about establishing relationships with your potential customers and maintaining them throughout the purchase process. Companies use this process to turn interested prospective clients into loyal clients.

Benefits of Lead Nurturing:

When a business concentrates on lead maintenance, they make 50 per cent more sales at a 33 per cent lower cost. This means your ROI is even better when you, as a marketing specialist, focus on maintaining each lead generated, rather than the sales team embarking on a tough sell.
Reinforce your reputation as a trusted leader in your domain.
Communication to your target audience will help you understand what they want and need.
Get feedback with ease.

Lead nurturing techniques:

We Segment your prospects based on their buying stage. We do this by creating opt-in triggers, using lead scoring, or even sending out a survey.
Providing an e-book, webinar or white paper with more information about your business, what you do and why it's important.
Sending them via an automated email marketing campaign that answers frequently asked questions, sharing of resources such as blogs and videos, and more, to keep in mind and offer valuable insights to every lead on your business.
Social Media Awareness – Monitoring social media channels to identify references to your brand is a good way to encourage leadership.
Customization – Be personal when reaching out to potential clients. Use the name or location of the potential buyer and adapt your communications based on their market, industry and potential uses for your products or services.
Content Development – As you learn about your leads, you will learn about their sensitivities and where they need help.

If you still wonder how lead generation and support would work for your brand. Contact DigitalItHub for support on strategies that may strengthen your sales and marketing teams.

We deliver clean, high-quality data that helps you identify customer trends and behaviors, identify new markets, and make the most of the data you have.

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