The top eight logo design applications to use in 2023

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The top eight logo design applications to use in 2023

You may create a logo with an icon design software on your smartphone. We evaluated and tested the top 8 logo-creation apps. Here are our top picks for best apps logo design.

Always keep in mind that logos are most effective when they make positive, memorable connections with target audiences. Good outcomes are typically guaranteed when working with an agency or hiring a designer, but they also come at a higher cost. These top logo design applications are an excellent place to start if you’re establishing a new business endeavour in order to comprehend and hone the brand aesthetic you desire.

What possibilities do you have for a logo?

Engage a design firm:

High-quality outcomes will be produced by design professionals at agencies, but their fees are generally prohibitive for small businesses just starting out.

Work with a freelance designer: 

You can look through designer portfolios on 99designs to select one that fits your needs. The designer’s aesthetic, experience, and expertise determine the results. Prices will typically be in the three-digit $ range and will largely depend on the number of edits, the breadth of the project, and the level of experience.

Start a contest for logo creation:

Several designers submit original logo concepts when you post a logo contest on 99designs, and you choose your favourite design. Starting at $299, logo competitions are an affordable choice for many business owners.

Apply a logo maker or design app:

You can create alternatives for logos based on templates using online tools or apps. They are the easiest solution for quickly, affordably, and with the least amount of effort creating a logo. If you need a logo for a tiny project, such as a new idea or business endeavour you’re testing out publicly, logo design tools are frequently the most practical option.

A logo design app is what is it?

Using a tool called a logo design app, you may create a logo right on your tablet or smartphone. They are comparable to online logo makers, but you use them directly on your smartphone rather than a desktop computer. While the first choice gives customers a bigger screen to review and alter their designs, logo creation apps are the most practical choice for finding a cheap logo as quickly as possible.

How do apps for logo design operate?

  • You choose an initial logo icon or template from the available choices.
  • You personalise it by adding your preferred fonts, backgrounds, and colour schemes.
  • Finally, you save the outcome on your phone as a photo or email it to yourself. Varied logo creation apps have different download, file format, and quality options.

The benefits of logo design applications

Convenience for on-the-go

First, you can use them whenever and anywhere you choose. This can appear exorbitant at first, but it makes a significant impact when you realise that an entrepreneur’s life involves constant travel to meetings. In contrast to having to sit down in front of your PC, it is far simpler to set aside 10 minutes here and there to create a number of logo variations on your phone.

Simple, intuitive UI.

Second, compared to most web-based alternatives, logo-making apps typically feature a better user experience. The apps are often very well organised and guide you from one step of making a logo to the next without overwhelming you because the mobile screen of real estate is substantially less. Additionally, using your fingers rather than a mouse makes it more enjoyable to resize, rotate, and move items around.

Modern styles.

Finally, the design you receive from the apps is diverse in terms of style and quality. This varies greatly from app to app, but generally speaking, I’ve discovered that mobile logo builder apps provide more contemporary designs than many web-based logo makers.

Suitable for logos based on B2C brands or events

Overall, these logos are more appropriate for business-to-consumer firms than their web-based counterparts since they are more playful, modern, and whimsical in design. Similar to this, there are numerous opportunities for momentary, event-based logos, such as weddings or pop-ups, with logo creation apps.

What to consider before utilising a logo design app

Picture format

Examine the type of file you’ll receive once you’ve finished creating your logo with a logo design app. A JPEG file has a coloured or white background and is not scalable (you can see the pixels when you enlarge the image). PNG files can have a transparent backdrop, which makes it possible to quickly insert your logo in many areas despite their limited scaling capabilities. When creating a logo from scratch, vector-based formats like AI files are typically preferable because they are fully scalable and can therefore be altered to suit a range of sizes, styles, and mediums.

Private versus business use

Verify that you can use your produced product for business purposes with the app or generator. Some programmes for creating logos, like VanillaPen: Design Studio, offer a fantastic collection of images and customising options. However, unless they purchase a pricey membership, customers can only utilise their finished designs for private purposes.


Watch out for the watermark. Numerous apps include free logo designs or other graphic designs bearing the app’s watermark; customers can subsequently purchase the version without it for a fee.