Web Analytics

We Optimize your Site Better

Web analytics is a collection of online data used to understand and optimize web presence. It is a part of a digital marketing strategy that helps companies and businesses to target their specific audience. 

Web analytics plays a vital role, without which it is not possible to implement digital marketing. Without web analytics, we won’t be able to measure real-time users; time spends on the page, page views, bounce rate, and revenue of the business. 

It will help you in making future decisions regarding the content and marketing of the website, which includes other services as well. The primary purpose of web analytics is to know how a website is performing and how it is attracting traffic.

We Improve Visitors to your Site

Digital IT Hub provides analytics services for all kinds of businesses. We have a team of well-experienced web analysts who knows how to get information from. In most cases, people visit your website not by typing in the search box but by just clicking through a link. These links can be on other websites or search engines as well by keeping a check on by seeing where site users are coming from. It can help you in promoting your website even more widely to attract traffic. 


The web analysts can get an idea of what is working and how best to focus on marketing efforts. Visitor data analytics helps in gaining knowledge about the kind of visitor that visits the website frequently. This tool can also help you to identify that what portion of the crowd is returning to your website, which will help you in identifying your potential customers. 


We help companies in determining these factors from their website; our team is available for 24/7 support, which allows it better for our clients to make their work easy and hassle-free. You can use tools like marketing optimization to promote your products and services online; this can also include paying for ads.

We Produce Quality


We effectively measure the performance metrics using with the analytics API.


We define dimension and metrics which includes Real time & All Acquisition channels.


We Analyze all the data metrics, Goals, Annotations and Events of Users.


We optimize the digital marketing performance with A/B testing & Multi Variate Testing and Redirect Tests.