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Google Local Services Ads

Is it possible to make my business easier to find locally?

Absolutely, that’s where Google’s local service advertisements come in. This is something that has become one of Google’s most attractive features. Everyone likes being able to target specific industries remotely is a sort of present-day wonder.

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Google went further with its most recent ad addition- Google Local Service Ads. Let's have a closer look:

Google Local Service Ads provide a direct link between the local company that advertises and individuals in this field searching for them.
Local Services ads by google are pay-per-lead ads that show up at the top of search results, over organic results and conventional Google ads.

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When do googles local service ads show up in the search results?

Advertisements may appear in search queries about certain types of business, including several categories that may advertise on local service advertisements include:

Carpet Cleaner
Event Planner
Garage Door Professional
Home Improvement Pro
House Cleaner
Pest Control Technician
Pet Care Provider
Pet Groomer
Roadside Assistance Service
Water Damage Service Provider and many more.
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When do googles local service ads show up in the search results?

Advertisers pay Per Lead instead of Per Click.

It optimizes your site for local search so that a local audience can find it online. It avoids the risks of job mismatch and significantly increases the chances of conversion.

Better odds of building trust with Google Guarantee:

Ads for local services often display a small green checkmark next to “Google Guaranteed”. Users can stand behind Google's decision to approve a local business, giving them a strong reason to trust the local company from the start

Drive paid ads & organic traffic:

Google Local Service Ads show up on top of Google Ads and organic search results. They are used to enhance your credibility for online users.

Smartphone visibility.

Ads for Google's local services are easy to see and use across devices, including smartphones. Over half of all online customers are mobile phone users.

Presence in vocal search responses.

With more than a billion devices using Google Assistant, Local Service Ads use Google Assistants for customers to find your local business at any time.

Digital IT HUB Google Local Services Advertising Management Plans consist of:

We are committed to quality.
We focus on increasing your evaluations and reviews 5 stars.
We immediately answer the messages and calls of our clients.
We will optimize your Google My Business advertisement by creating an account. All you have to do is make sure that the information you provide is accurate like Name, place, address.
We also include hours of operation, services, types of work.
Google requires companies and their workers on the ground to do a background check, which we do specifically.
We want to make the advertising process as stress-free as possible, so we do the bulk of the work to make sure you get the best return on investment. As a Google Local Services advertising partner, Digital IT HUB will never make you worry about overspending your campaign budget.
When working with us, you will have access to a local marketing expert dedicated to making your advertising campaigns a success.
Another way to view local search results is to organize events and include this information in the Schema tag to display events in SERP.
We will make your website mobile-friendly.

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